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Silas Scarborough Available on CD Baby

April 14, 2015

"A Pigment of My Fascination" will also be appearing on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Rumblefish (?), and others.  The 'album purchase only' for "Symphony for Cat" may vary from one vendor to another.  Unknown how that can be their choice rather than mine but so it goes.

As to a favorite, I don't have one.  As to which ones are love songs, all of them ... although some rock quite a bit harder than others.  My only wish is that I could have fit more of them on there.

Nothing has changed regarding plastic CDs as those are by email request only.

Dedicated to Cat Boucher as likely this never would have happened if not for her.  Hopefully this gives her some idea of how much of an inspiration she has been to me and many others over the many years she has been hosting live music.  There are people who promote music and there are those who make it happen.  Cat makes it happen.

Huge thanks to Yevette for helping in so many ways and thank you also to Lotho for helping even though he thinks I am completely insane.  Thank you also to the Queen Bee for helping me get back to somewhere it was possible to even consider playing like this.

Special thanks to the Mystery Lady for singing on "It's For You" as you kicked that song out of the world, girl!  Special thanks also to Vicki Nilsson for drumming on "There Will Come a Time" as you were thunderous.

The picture is or started as a view of the Alps from Bavaria.  The road is the way home.