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Scotland and Clan Fraser

Fraser Crest

I was born in Edinburgh but my father took a job in Australia when I was only a year old so I had never really seen Scotland until I saw the movie "Braveheart" with my father. I found it tremendously moving to see the lives of people who must have been my ancestors. It's all the more significant to me now as my father, Alex, is now dead. My journey finally did take me back to Scotland where all this began.

- Alan Fraser


The grand history of Scotland is a huge fascination to me, in part to help me understand the origins of my family. It also runs much deeper than that as the Pictish / Celtic times are shrouded in mysticism and the enigmas of those times are hugely interesting in their own right. (The links below will take you to the other segments of the site and there is easy linkage between all of them and back to this one)

Clan Fraser

This is an extensive description of the history of the Frasers from a possible origin in France as the 'bearers of strawberries' up through the more notable events in recent history.

Clan Fraser of Lovat (external page)

This is the actual Clan Fraser Web site and it has a great deal of information and photography about the Clan.

Alex and Anne Fraser

My parents traveled much of the world and finally wound up in America but Scotland was always home and this segment tells their stories.


The summary timeline of Scottish history is fairly continuous back to 800 B.C.


The faeries and other creatures of Scottish / Celtic mythology are many and highly diverse. The sheer number of them is impressive and the variety is incredible.


These are books I have found useful in learning more about Scotland.


This section includes links that I've found particularly interesting for finding products made in Scotland and / or learning more about Scotland.