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The Krohn Conservatory is owned and operated by the Cincinnati Park Board of Cincinnati, Ohio. It is one of the largest public greenhouses in the country and the staff's devotion to orchids, among many other types of plant and animal life, is clearly apparent to anyone who is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit.

Please understand a good many of the Krohn Conservatory staff members are unpaid volunteers. They also rely on public contributions to support their work, some of which, particularly the Butterfly Show and the Christmas Show, are very well-known and attract an enormous number of visitors. One can only imagine how much work is required to stage such events and anything you can do to Help would be much appreciated.

(Do not send anything to the Orchid Conservatory. If you are able to contribute, please do so directly to Krohn Conservatory.)

Most of the photographs on these pages were shot at the Krohn Conservatory. The Cincinnati Park Board operates its own page for the Conservatory now but that began from my original development. All of the photographs were shot using traditional photographic methods with a Minolta XG7 camera equipped with a Sigma 70-200mm zoom lens, usually on Kodak film. A tripod was mandatory for all shots due to the low light and the relative slowness of the lens. Film speed was never 'pushed' to get faster exposures as that was judged too expensive in terms of loss of quality versus a relatively small increase in speed.

Cincinnati also hosts a fairly large-scale annual Garden Show and some of the orchid photographs were shot there but my favorite place for photographing orchids has been the Krohn Conservatory. After a serious Harley motorcycle crash, it took a few years to patch me back up again. As things improved, I started spending time photographing orchids at Krohn Conservatory. For me it was not only a place of beauty but also a place of peace and healing.

It may seem unusual that someone who fancies Harley Davidson motorcycles would also fancy orchids but that does not strike me as any more unusual than the fact orchids exist in the first place ... or Harley Davidsons, for that matter.

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