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Orchid Sites

Orchid House This is an exceptional set of references to orchid sites throughout the world.
OrchidWire Over a thousand orchid links (literally!)
Orchid Photographs by Eduard Schwan These are some lovely photographs of orchids that a friend shot at the San Diego Zoo.

Flower Sites

My Garden - Australia An online resource for lovers of gardening. Well over 200,000 plant names listed.

Orchids Newsgroup

Alert: Don't click the following link unless your browser can handle a Usenet newsgroup. The link is to a Usenet newsgroup which is not a normal Web site.

There is a wealth of information in the Orchids newsgroup. Many of the contributors to the newsgroup are quite expert in cultivation and are more than willing to share their knowledge. (You will need to use a newsreader program to read the material in the newsgroup.)

Be forewarned that there is relatively little harm in reading newsgroups but writing to them should not under any cirumstances be considered unless you have disguised your true email address in every possible way. The newsgroups are harvested for email addresses which are then spammed relentlessly.

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