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Krohn Conservatory
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The Lobby

This is the Krohn Conservatory Lobby and it looks a bit festive for one of the many events they feature. Leading from the Lobby are two sets of steps down into the Palm House, an indoor rain forest complete with a twenty-foot waterfall and towering trees. You will find a little wooden bridge over the creek that flows away from the waterfall and it's a very popular site for wedding photographs. There's a walk-through cave under the waterfall and young men have been stealing kisses back there for generations.

The sun is very bright and the air is hot and humid in the Tropical House on your left. To your right is the Floral Display House that is used for special events. Beyond the Floral Display House is the Desert Garden featuring a remarkable variety of cactus plants. Finally, beyond the desert area, you will find the Orchid House.

All of the exhibit areas in the Krohn Conservatory have special charms and all of them are completely different. It only takes a minute to see why this is one of Cincinnati's most prized resources but it will take many repeat visits to appreciate every aspect of it.

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