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Friends of Krohn Conservatory

The Krohn Conservatory is vitally dependent on the support of the Cincinnati community. One way of showing that support is by joining the "Friends of Krohn."

Do not send anything to us at the Orchid Conservatory. The easiest way to join the Friends of Krohn Conservatory is to call at (513) 421.5707 to learn about benefits such as free admission to special events, discount in the gift shop, etc. Another way to join is to print this page and then mail it to the address below:

Friends of Krohn
Krohn Conservatory
Eden Park Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

(513) 421.5707

Please fill in the following information about yourself:

Your name: __________________________________________

Street address: _______________________________________

City _____________________    State: _____    Zip: _________

If you would like to make a donation in honor or memory of someone, please fill in their name and indicate whether it is to be in honor or in memory:

Their name: ___________________________________________

In honor? _____    In memory? _____

If you wish someone to be notified, please fill in the following information:

Person to be notified: __________________________________

Street address: _______________________________________

City _____________________    State: _____    Zip: _________

FRIENDS OF KROHN is a division of the Park Board Volunteers, a charitable non-profit organization.

Thank you.

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