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Floral House

The Floral Display House

Some of the biggest attractions since the Krohn Conservatory opened in 1933 are the six seasonal flower shows that take place in the Floral House: Spring Preview, Celebrate Spring, Mother's Day, Summer Blooms, Fall Colors, and Winter Magic. All of them present an incredible array of living art. The picture shows the Spring Preview as there are Easter lilies all over. But even during the times between the special shows, the diversity of the flowers on display is always a wonder.

One of the most popular features is the annual Butterfly Show during which many species of butterflies fly freely around you but most special to the people of Cincinnati and people for miles around is the Krohn Conservatory Christmas Show.

Surrounding the changing exhibits is the permanent collection of orange trees, kumquat trees, giant Ponderosa lemon trees, and grapefruit trees.

Fountain or Birdbath?

Fountain or Birdbath?

There are quite a few birds flying around inside the Krohn Conservatory and they no doubt appreciate the fountain. It's one of the many unique embellishments in the Floral House and whether it's a fountain or a bird bath really depends on whether you flew to it or walked.

From the Floral House you can go to the Desert Garden or back to the Lobby.

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