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Krohn Conservatory
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The Krohn Conservatory

1501 Eden Park Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio




This is a Tour of the Krohn Conservatory and you might also want to view a large number of images of orchids from the Krohn Conservatory at Duck Soup's Orchid Conservatory.

You will be able to go from one section of the Krohn Conservatory to another to see what each one looks like and it's quite amazing that a deep jungle and a desert are only steps away from each other. The Krohn Conservatory is divided into multiple 'houses,' the Palm House, the Orchid House, the Floral House, the Tropical House, and the Desert House. All are under one roof through the clever partitioning of the Conservatory.

Butterfly Show

The Krohn Conservatory Butterfly Show runs from May through June and it is one of the signature events for the Conservatory and Cincinnati. The delight it brings to children is wonderful and expect to be delighted yourself as it is quite a charming sensation to be surrounded by multi-colored butterflies. It would be impossible to count them and they are released to fly freely within the Conservatory, adding yet another blaze of color to an already charming display.

Christmas Show

Another of the annual events held at the Conservatory is the Krohn Conservatory Christmas Show that runs from early December until into the New Year. This is always a very beautiful show and is truly one of Cincinnati's defining events. It's extremely popular and traffic can be maddening but it's a very special time at a very special place.

Finding the Conservatory

To find your way around Eden Park, use the map on the Krohn Conservatory Information Page (The map is very flexible and can be zoomed in or out or moved around)


The Krohn Conservatory is one of Cincinnati's finest public resources and it was completed in 1933. The Conservatory was named in honor of Irwin M. Krohn, Board of Park Commissioners from 1912 to 1948. This structure, together with Warder Nursery in Finneytown, replaced the old Eden Park range of greenhouses that was built in 1902 on the same site.

Before going inside, take a look at what's across the street:

Flower clock on Eden Park Drive

Flower Clock on Eden Park Drive

Flower clocks are an old European tradition and this one may reflect some of Cincinnati's pride in its Old World heritage.

Once inside the Conservatory, you will probably forget all about time.

This is the original Krohn Conservatory Web site but please note that it is not the official Krohn site. I wrote it back in '95 as a way to give back something to a place that has been very special to me in many ways. The official version is at the Cincinnati Parks Krohn Conservatory Site but I didn't copy it. What you'll see is an adaptation of my original work. It's changed quite a bit since then and I thank Chris Carroll for being gracious enough to credit my original development work.

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