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Orchids are un-matched either in range of expression or delicacy of nuance and the Orchid Conservatory features well over one hundred photographs of them.

For some time the Blogger format was used to replace the original Orchid Conservatory but that did not turn out to be satisfactory so now the Orchid Conservatory is back in its original home with a new display, much higher-resolution images of the orchids, and more of them.

Use the Images option to see thumbnail images of all the orchids. After clicking on one of the thumbnails, you will be presented with the full-size view of that orchid. Clicking on either side of the full-screen display will reveal the previous or next orchid images in sequence and clicking on the current image will exit from the show.

The image above has been obviously Photoshopped but it will take you to the collection of natural orchid Images.

Cattleya corsage orchids, Dendrobium, Cymbidium, or Phalaenopsis are genus names you would expect to find but other more unusual genera are also present in Brassavola, Miltassia, Psychopsis, etc.

The Orchid Conservatory isn't much interested in the science of orchidology as the drive behind putting this together has been the search for perfect things. Many believe some type of orchid is the perfect flower so which among them comes closest to achieving real perfection. The philosophers may want to split off to review whether true perfection is even possible but, here at the Orchid Conservatory, we will keep believing and will keep looking.

The Krohn Conservatory is the real-world conservatory in the Eden Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, where many of the photographs were taken. Krohn is a treasure to the city as it has remained unaffected by trendy glitz and has kept an Old World charm despite maintaining a busy schedule of feature events. Some beautiful examples are the Butterfly Show and the very special Christmas Show Much of the work is done by volunteers and is supported by public contribution.

Most of these photographs were shot while I was recovering from a motorcycle accident in which multiple bones were broken and it took some while to fix me. As I gained strength, I went to Krohn to shoot the photographs. It came to have very special meaning to me in its beauty and tranquility. That is what Krohn gave to me and this is what I give to you to keep the spirit of it moving.

Explore the site and I hope you enjoy the time you spend here. Thanks for visiting.

All photographs are original and may be used for any non-commercial purpose under Creative Commons Share and Share Alike License. The background image is a collage of multiple photographs I made many years ago and it is named "Flowers for Judi."

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