Gallery of Everything that Did Not Belong Anywhere Else

The collection goes back over many years and there is one kid in a sprinkler who is now around forty. There are common themes to some but definitely not all so you can choose to look at everything or select a specific theme. Some of the images are small and this is due to the constraints of the early Web. Hopefully masters still exist and I can replace them with larger versions.

Almost all photography on My Duck Soup was done with a traditional camera rig using a Minolta XG-7 and, later, a Minolta Maxxum 7000. The digital crew may sniff but that was high-technology in 1985. There was coolness in the technology but I always felt my focus was more crisp when I did it manually with the XG-7.

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Show me everything - Just like it says. Browse through as you like and see what comes.

Exotica - Images heavily-modified in Photoshop or Pixelmator

Whimsy - These have nothing in common other than the whimsy behind them.

Second Life - Images from the virtual world of Second Life.

Whales - These are less than spectacular but I was still stunned by the presence the whales bring.

Snorkeling - Although this was not with whales, it was still extraordinary.