Duck Soup

Molly and Maxwell

(At Five Weeks)

We got Molly and Maxwell from someone who really shouldn't have been breeding Shih Tzu but they're adorable dogs and they remained inseparable through all their lives.


She was only five weeks old here but she was weaned and she didn't know it yet but she would soon be getting her first shots. Don't forget the medication for heartworm.

Maxwell and Molly were born within a few days of each other but Maxwell started more slowly for some reason. He then started eating well and caught up quickly.

Maxwell and Molly

Molly and Maxwell

(At Seven Months)

I don't know what motivates people to dress dogs in human-like outfits but Shih Tzu tolerate it pretty well and actually seem to enjoy it.

Molly with Hat

Always one to make a fashion statement, Molly definitely stands out in a crowd.

Molly has left now but she will always be missed. In her prime, when she was lying on the floor, it was often difficult to tell one end of her from the other. You can see how beautiful she was, just as she was in her heart.

This is Maxwell before his first haircut. You won't believe what he looks like now.

Maxwell - Brown

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