Abandoning Paradise

Why Is It Not a Bad Idea to Ride a Scooter from Greece to Scotland

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This is a saga of the most insane motorcycle ride I ever did and it was on a 150cc motor scooter. You will need to read the book to discover why anyone would be lunatic enough to ride from Greece to Scotland on a motor scooter. It will not only tell you but show you.

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Chapter One


Time Melts Like an Ice Cream
Mediterranean Sharks - You Are Food
Looking Back

Chapter Two

Leaving Greece

Last Show for Silas
Turn on the Lights at the MusikCircus
There is Amateur Crazy and then ...
The Day the Sun Came Out
Day of the Show
Leaving Greece with a Mouse and a Chicken

Chapter Three

Crossing Italy

In Big Trouble

Arriving in Ancona
It's Monday, This Must Be Civitanova
Prognosis: This is Suicide
The Man in the Fountain
It's a Music Blog

Pushing Inland

The Art of Living Dangerously
Onward to Piacenza
Finding Italia

Heading for the Coast

Making for Genova
A Small Village Somewhere in the Mountains
Haximoto - Das Kamikaze Motorroller
Camping in Eden
Bussana Vecchia, Art and Anarchy

Chapter Four

Crossing France

It's Always a Gamble

Monte Carlo - Any Questions?
Down But Not Out in San Raphael
When the Going Gets Tough
Morning Status

Stopped Cold in Montelimar

Hitting the Bricks in Montelimar
It's Your Tour Now
Montelimar in the Morning
Some Pictures of Montelimar
Rolling Out of Montelimar
Une Nuit de Plus (English)
More Pictures and Nougat from Montelimar
Dodge the Storm
Riding Out of Montelimar

On a Mission

Made it to Macon
La Pastorale
Le Tour de Silas
Chasing Le Tour de France

A Resounding Surprise

Soundcheck for Tony Bram's Orchestra
Tony Bram's Orchestra - Live in Saint Amand-Montrond
As If They Were Never Here

Le Tour de France

Nothing Like a Marching Band in the Morning
le Chateau de Montrond
le Tour de France Arrives

Le Mans

Onward to Le Mans
24 Hours of Le Mans

Almost Ready for England

Finding Le Havre
Mama, I'm Coming Home

Chapter Five

Crossing England

Home of My People

Landing in Portsmouth, England

Finding Salisbury Cathedral

Saints and Screaming Gargoyles

Finding Stonehenge

And Then I Went to Stonehenge
Waking Up to News in Cheltenham

Onward to Meet the Beatles or lefty Unplugged

Turning Left
Heading North to Lefty's House
Going to the House on lefty's Corner

lefty Unplugged and Silas Scarborough - Live

Before the Show with Mr and Mrs lefty Unplugged
lefty and Silas Playing for Cat's Birthday
Roaming about Stockport with lefty

Playing Out in Stockport

George Borowski and the Fabulous Wonderfuls
Incredible Planet Live at The Ship Inn


Finding Scotland

Scootin' Home

Made it to Scotland
Frasers By Any Other Name
Running Ahead of the Storm
Kings and Monsters

Final Run to Edinburgh

Onward to Edinburgh
Arrival and Not Even Wet

Wandering About

Belly Buster Bistro
Chimneys of Edinburgh
Street Art in Leith

Trouble in Paradise

Meeting Simon
Guitar Soliloquy
Cycles of Life
The Rescue


Netherlands Bounce

Back to the Pagans

Landing at Amsterdam
And I Awoke
Walking the Streets
Seeing an Aurora
Waking in Schiphol


Returning to America

Fort Worth Rock House

Landed in America
The Synth Lives
Galaxy Guitar is Murdered
I've Seen this Guitar Before
Just Be Patient
Thank You, VA Maggie
The Galaxy Shines Again
Happy New Year
Now What
Going to See the Oracle

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