Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Eight     Fort Worth Rock House

Thank You to VA Maggie

Last Christmas in Katakolon

VA Maggie is the first medical person in any country in the last five years who has given the slightest indication she cared if I survived long enough to see her for a follow-up appointment. Liberty Mutual Insurance cut me off right after my shoulder surgery and that's when everything hit the ground, lost everything, etc, etc. Since that time there has been no significant medical interest from anywhere except in the context of a NASCAR pitstop in an Emergency Room in which their sole purpose has been to change the tires as quickly as possible to get me back out of their hospital again.

VA Maggie is a very sweet lady and, get this, she came in to work at 6:00 a.m. to see me. There is some urgency to the situation but I don't want to go into detail on that. VA Maggie not only went out of her way to rise for the situation, she was very thorough in going immediately into a comprehensive treatment plan in which she is part of it rather than simply prescribing and disappearing.

If you want to believe VA Maggie is an angel who was sent right out of nowhere into my life when things looked unbelievably bleak and I was seriously needing some help, I wouldn't have a single reason to argue with you.

I won't give any details of my situation except that I've been quite sick and I'm still not cured. Things are improving and I am absolutely determined to play that gig for Cat on Thursday. I have another one for Sister Julie on Saturday and there's huge determination to do that too. I know the Galaxy Guitar is ready and I just have to get out to collect her.

Details are not important as this is Christmas and that's one really bad time for whinin' about yer achin' ass.

This was my first serious experience with the Veterans Administration as there were all kinds of problems getting started out there. That's a different editorial as what I saw today was a whole lot of cats who are pretty severely beat down by this or that but none of them are bowed and in the VA none of them have to be. White, black, man, woman ... none of that means anything out there. This is just a whole lot of people who ended up in uniform and now have turned up sick. There's so much a brotherhood that no-one even has to say anything or acknowledge it; the brotherhood is just there.

There's no Christmas tree here ... but there doesn't have to be. Christmas is all around and you can see how it was in Greece.

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