Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Eight     Fort Worth Rock House

The Synth Lives

Before trying to sleep last night I had to know if the synthesizer still lives and, yahoo, it started right up. There's no way to play anything but so far there is nothing electronic to say I can't. Cat has heard me tell her multiple times about this thing and she has even heard recordings but she has never heard me play so I'm just dying to do that.

Cat is not big one for just talking about something as you either do it or shut yer yap and sit yer dumb ass down. I love that as she's not the kind of woman who will tell you it's ok, honey, after you get drunk, crashed the car into the house, and burned it to the ground. Oh, honey, it's ok. I still love you. We'll get another house.

I can't talk to you just now, Cat, as I'd love to be able to tell you myself what's happening rather than sending messages by blog but this is it for now. I hope to have this fixed by this evening.

So, the synth looks good and so does the bass along with the sound module the bass uses. It looks like all that's necessary is to connect, tune and play. It's more than that as it will take some sorting to get cables set up correctly but I hope to get at least some of that done today, along with the computer and another trip to the airport.

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