Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Eight     Fort Worth Rock House

I've Seen this Guitar Before

Yevette was gracious enough to drive me over to the Guitar Doctor, Steve Lamb, and the Galaxy Guitar is in his hands now. I was describing the problems as he was looking over the guitar when he said, "I've seen this guitar before."

It was pretty cool that he remembered as that was at least two years ago and now I'm completely sure taking her back to him was exactly the right thing to do.

As I had hoped, it will not likely cost very much unless there is a bigger problem hiding but there is no reason to believe that. He said she may even be ready next week.

This is a glorious relief and maybe it seems twisted to be happy that your girl has gone into the hospital when usually the happiness is when she comes back out but I'm really ecstatic as I'm very sure she is in the right hands.

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