Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Eight     Fort Worth Rock House

Going to See the Oracle

Come to see The Oracle and see the future in the palm of your hand.

What if she tells me I shall meet a tall, dark lady riding an Armadillo and she will have a message from the Goddess of the Moon on which I must act immediately to save not only my own spiritual aura but that of all people and armadillos.

The sign is a bit confusing. It's $5.00 and up for the reading. Does this mean $10.00 if she reads both hands or is there something deeper and more mysterious. If she sees some really spooky stuff does that mean she charges more to tell you about it.

I only have five dollars and I borrowed that from Yevette so the and up part is not going to be good. However, it would also not be good to know there is some spooky stuff about which I was not previously aware and I can't find out what it means. Dangerous business this spiritualism.

We went right up to the Door of The Oracle's Altar.

I rang the bell and waited. Yevette rang the bell also and knocked several times but, alas, The Oracle did not appear, there wasn't even a big puff of smoke.

She is The Oracle so she knew I was coming. I must therefore assume she did not want to see me. Then I have to ask why this might be. Is there some terrible secret she doesn't want to reveal to me, something I'm better off not knowing.

This has everything to do with finding or losing Paradise as maybe she knows. People drive past palm readers all the time and laugh with the same feeling of superiority that comes from watching people behaving like monkeys on reality TV shows. But what if she's right.

The story is not over as I must go back to her now. There must be something she did not want to tell me so now I have to at least try to discover what it might be, even if it costs the extra five dollars.

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