Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Eight     Fort Worth Rock House

Now What

Oh, you thought it was over. Nothing is ever over.

Coming back to America was unusual and it was something of a surprise when there was no interest in seeing my smiling face anywhere except in Fort Worth. Even that reveals Paradise as I stay with Yevette, a woman who has been a good and true friend for years. Women are always so quick to tell you of their maturity but the first question that comes is, well, (cough) are you having sex.

No, ma'am. We don't fuck.

We help each other through the month. I buy stuff until my minimal income runs out and she's on a different cycle so hers starts and she buys stuff until her minimal income runs out. On a better month there isn't too much lag between when either of us runs out and the other can start.

Tip for saving money on food is Tuna Helper Terazzini. This is for when you discover there is some tuna in the pantry. You don't know how long it has been there but no way you are going to waste food so you mix up a batch with something cheap to make it last a long time: Tuna Helper Terazzini. This works as it will feed you the first night and the remainder will be put in the refrigerator. For the next two days you won't eat anything because you would rather drink fuel oil than ever eat that horrible stuff again. Then you give the Tuna Helper to the dog. He probably won't eat it either.

The relationship here has nothing to do with sex but rather with friends helping each other survive. There will be always be a sexual vibe between a man and a woman but you know that doing anything about it would just make a mess of things. Amazingly enough, sometimes men mature as well.

As with just about everything he ever said, Lennon called it when he said you get by with a little help from your friends.

This one will have to close with an aphorism as the medical stuff will start back up again in a few hours. What comes of that is not interesting but what comes of "The Paradise Song" is hugely interesting to me. The aphorism then is the only way you ever lose Paradise is when you stop looking for it.

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