Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Eight     Fort Worth Rock House

Landed in America

We touched down moments ago and now I'm in Minneapolis after a thoroughly enjoyable time with Customs (cough) and a nine-hour flight. Next flight will board in moments. Yahoo. Texas in about ninety minutes.

And back to the air again ...

After getting rolling forty-two hours or so ago, I have made it to Fort Worth. There were a couple of problems with that: my luggage did not make it and neither did Yevette.

When I inquired of the airline about my lost luggage, including the Galaxy Guitar, they asked when was the last time I saw it. I thought to myself it would be more to the point if they told me when they last saw it. They were told I had seen it in Amsterdam when I checked it in to fly. So, when did you all last see it.

No need to drag this into a long story. That stuff will come in on another flight tomorrow evening. They didn't say where the stuff is now. It looks very much like they don't know and I don't want to confirm that.

So, you'll deliver it when it arrives, right? Nope.

Ah well, it's still cool. I'm sure the guitar is good, so long as they can find her, as the strings were so far detuned that I might as well replace them than try to tune her back up again. No chance the strings froze and broke anything. I saw the external air temperature was more than eighty below zero at forty thousand feet. Brrr...

Yevette was all set but the airline fooled her by bringing the plane into DFW forty-five minutes early. Usually when you land there it takes half an hour or more to find someplace to park the aircraft but this time the system actually worked so of course she was surprised. It has always puzzled me as I wonder ... did you not know the aircraft was coming. There was some waiting in trying to find each other but it was still good after a whole lot of hours in the air.

Massive thanks to Lotho and Queen Bee for the rescue. When things started moving yesterday everything went fast, fast, fast and I even wound up on a flight that Queen Bee had said had almost no chance but she said try it anyway. That's what got me to Minneapolis. Zoom.

I won't be able to play tomorrow night as it will take some sorting to get things going. One thing's for sure: when it does happen, it will be loud. No more headphones.

NOTE: I cannot Skype or Facebook, etc as I am not using my own computer. No-one knows the WiFi password and a quick look didn't reveal a long enough Internet cable. After almost zero sleep in the last few days so this will keep until tomorrow. I'm way, way past exhausted.

WOW .... landed in Texas. Amazing.

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