Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Eight     Fort Worth Rock House

The Galaxy Shines Again

My Galaxy Guitar has had a pretty rough time touring over the last year or so and I couldn't get wait to get her to Steve Lamb, the Fort Worth Guitar Doctor, even before I got here. You can find more about Steve Lamb at the Lamb's Music site and many thanks to him for what he did. Many thanks again to the nameless benefactors who made it possible.

The last time Steve Lamb saw the Galaxy Guitar was after her neck was broken in Nashville. That incident did not come from malicious stage play but rather she was sitting innocently in the stand. I hooked her with a cable and that pulled her out. Falls from stands kill a great many guitars. Be careful out there. Steve Lamb has saved her life twice now.

Before the repair, the strings were so high off the fingerboard that you could drive a big-rig truck underneath them. Now they're right back down where they need to be. This will not just make a huge difference for how she plays but it will also ensure accurate tuning and intonation as I play down the neck.

Be careful about dropping your strings lower so you can play fast like Uncle Silas because there's more to it than that. I call it 'jazz height' when the strings are ultra-close to the neck. This makes for very fast play using a very light touch but good luck if you want to get your finger under a string to bend it. You need a bit of string height to be able to bend strings so think long and hard about getting your guitar 'tricked out' like the big guys.

Here's a tip: there's no trick. My strings are not significantly lower than they were when the guitar was stock.

Here's more kit than I've seen in a year.

In fact, I'm so happy to see this stuff again, I'm sleeping with it.

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