Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Eight     Fort Worth Rock House

Happy New Year

Cat's Art MusikCircus is the only place I would even think of coming back online with a full kit. I wobble while I play but they can't see it and playing for Cat again feels grand. This celebrates a great many things as it was a year before when we discovered each other as more than people who do musical stuff. We had known each for years before that.

Tonight the show can use all the instruments and this is one pure delight for me as that option was impossible all the time I've been wandering.

This is the 'explode into space' part ... and it did.

In-between that glorious moment and this one a great many things happened, most of which were medical tests, none of which were worth mentioning individually but which in sum resulted in VA Maggie saying, "You've got cancer, dear."

Then they say they can't operate on it but we don't know what's in there anyway. My own view is that it doesn't matter anymore. When they can't get it out there is no point in seeing them and what remains is to play for as long as there is breath to do it.

My positions on various things have antagonized a great many people and the mention of guns in this one even though it is not a strong one, re-affirms a position antagonizing to a great many more.

The lighting in the video is deliberate for what I hope is a 'Bladerunner' effect of things breaking down amid extraordinary technology. In the middle of it is the music and you hear it going out to Cat.

The song is the "Death March Digression" and it has nothing to be with my own sorry predicament but rather the idea of two hundred million guns marching. There is no more point to it beyond the fact of their marching as where they go doesn't matter so long as they don't come back.

The early piano is light and easy. Drums come into it and then bass on top to get things heavier. Clean guitar chords come and then all the whoop-de-do that always comes before guns march. Then hammerhead chords come as all the guns go off and shoot each other. Lose the heavy chords and bring some angel voices for those who left as well as those who didn't. Then back to piano and fade.

In music there is solace in a world gone completely mad with violence. If they aren't doing something violent, they're talking about it or watching it on television. Without solace or respite it would overwhelm altogether. Conversely, no matter how bad anything gets, there is always this and it's untouchable.

This was not "The Paradise Song" but rather it moves toward it.

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