Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Seven     Netherlands Bounce

Landing in Amsterdam

Relief beyond words.

I'm not much for hugs but there sure would be a big one if Lotho and Queen Bee were here.

I doubt the flying monkeys can follow me but one followed me here once before so you never can be sure what they will do. Some people get invisible friends while I get flying monkeys ... but I also have a sister and a brother who have just rescued me from the most desperate situation of my life.

Flying monkeys are actually stalkers but I like better calling them flying monkeys as they serve largely the same purpose.

There is no particular interest in flying monkeys for programmers but they really get off on musicians. My show was always outrageous and only over recent years, largely from talking with Cat and other musicians, that I became more focused on being a musician more than being a maniac. I enjoy being a maniac too but it does attract lunatics.

The reason for interest in flying monkeys at this moment is Schiphol is an airport where anything can land. They can get here too, it will only take them longer. After all, one did it once before.

The last time I was in Schiphol it was to meet the Born-Again Pagans and right away they were cool as punk names for bands are so boring (e.g. The Broken Dishwashers). I don't know what born-again pagans are but I'm sure it's something most people are not so that's all I really need to understand about them.

hexx Triskaidekaphobia was one of the Born-Again Pagans but she's one of the Disciples of Groove now ... and she isn't hexx Triskaidekaphobia anymore either. So, here she is, whomever she is. What she remains is a maker of music through outlandish means and the other stuff really isn't important after that.

If you don't know how to do it
she'll show you how to walk the dog

Schiphol Airport is in Amsterdam which is not far from Utrecht and I'll be stuck here all night but there wouldn't be any practical way of getting there and back without risking a connection for tomorrow. Sleeping in the airport won't be so bad ... except there is nowhere to sleep in an airport.

As to which canal in the map below, I tell you, in all the excitement I just don't recall. So the question is do you feel lucky. Well, do ya?

It is probably not appropriate to play Dirty Harry when I most likely could not fight my way out of a bowl of spaghetti but so it goes just now.

Queen Bee is trying to work out a connection to fly me out of here but you can see from the lowering sun on the control tower that we're running out of light. There won't be a connection tonight but not for lack of trying. It went to the last minute trying to manage it but chances look much better for the morning.

Things are aswirl as I still don't know if I will get back into America. Renewing the passport is a good sign but that's not the same as a boarding pass. I've been extremely vocal in my opposition to war, corporate skullduggery, and a great many things which are bread and butter to Washington and a good many of which could get me on a 'no fly' list.

If I manage to fall asleep, one thing definitely to avoid is sleep-walking as it does not do to get in front of a Dutchie on a bicycle. These are not the sissy multi-gear bicycles they only ride in parks in America. These are day-in / day-out, rain-or-shine bicycles. They even have covers around the chains to prevent spray when it's raining.

There are lots of them, they are very good, and you do NOT want to get in their way when they get their riding rhythm going ... which is all the time. Just don't get in the way.

Perhaps this is when it all becomes a dream. It's always been unclear which parts were dreams anyway. The Galaxy Guitar is not as you can tell yourself you are Elvis Presley all you like but, until that call comes from Vegas, it's probably not true. It's everything else that takes the state of dreams as things shift and change, sometimes seemingly with no reason. When exactly dreams are beginning or ending becomes an indeterminate thing.

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Utrecht and the Disciples of Groove

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