Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Seven     Netherlands Bounce

Waking in Schiphol

Nothing that's been seen since the Inquisition can match trying to sleep in a chair in an airport but there's also nothing that can detract from the exhilaration of getting in the wind toward Texas today. The main trick isn't so much the sleeping but rather keeping various parts of the body over the luggage in the hope you will awaken if someone tries to borrow it. This creates an exquisite level of discomfort but the time still went by surprisingly quickly although perhaps not so quickly while it was happening.

Everything that happened last night did happen. It didn't happen last night but it did happen. Or maybe this isn't happening now. Life is confusing like that sometimes.

The day starts with a nice helping of seaweed as the next big problem in an airport is finding something to eat that uses something less than the meat from several large cows to create. Plus seaweed is very cheap. It's also very damn good.

Where the Edinburgh Airport was funny, the Schiphol Airport is a goliath. You could probably put the entire Edinburgh Airport, runways and all inside the terminal building and they have everything in here ... well, except reefer. You have to go downtown for that. The evening would have gained a novel twist but I didn't do it.

Everything should get underway in a bit over four hours. I still don't have flight details but they won't be available until I check in at 10:00 a.m. Amsterdam Time. There's a good chance once things start happening they will move very quickly.

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