Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Seven     Netherlands Bounce

Aurora Metaluna

Image by Melissa on Flickr

Far away from the Winkels, we found an Aurora.

She sings lushly romantic songs with an accent that makes most men of the world want to follow her home. She has an incredibly beautiful voice and what a surprise to find her here.

Photograph by Inchino Melson on Flickr

Or maybe this was the Aurora we found. You know how it goes with dreams. In this one only one thing matters, to be in the right key.

You might think she's karaoke,
she's just some CD Queen,
but she gives up those blues
like you ain't never seen

Get a beat and hold it
and we'll take this thing downtown
I came here to sing
and I don't screw around

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's my pleasure to introduce Aurora Metaluna.

There was no thought of an aurora. Who even considers one unless looking at "National Geographic" or you live far enough North to spend time with reindeer. Now one glistens before me, strikingly-beautiful, wonderfully-talented, and belting those blues like she has done it all her life.

So began a musical time that arose out of nowhere with Aurora, the Born-Again Pagans (i.e. hexx and a bag of electronics) and I. There are musical times with people when you know you're good with each other and you make cool stuff. That's always wonderful in its own way but it's not the same as when you do it for the first time. Maybe it's tentative at first but then it goes. Sometimes it doesn't and that's the risk but that's also what makes it exciting.

This was what you hope in a jam. Everything is there to do musician stuff so do that. Make it happen and then it does. The only time that matters is keeping the measure of whatever music you're playing. This world is where your mind and soul have to be so committed to it that there is little or no room for anything else. You can't ask now which is the dream or you will lose your focus to the music and that must never happen.

Aurora's blues brought liveness to a guitar jam from two who should likely be banned from singing ... ever. The power of her blues voice stands straight-up with hard electric and it makes for a grand time as everything grows everything else. It's not only exciting to listen to it, playing it is very exciting too. It's so much more than hearing the notes and this is one of the times when you know absolutely why you started playing in the first place.

It's moments like this one when the Dutch say gezellig. There is no English definition but if you change one single thing, it wouldn't be as good anymore. It's also not a word that needs to be said as when it happens everyone already knows it and appreciates it.

We're two virtual steps from Schiphol now and moving through dreams becomes like a frog jumping from one lily pad to the next.

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