Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Six     Crossing Scotland

The Rescue

My brother, Lotho, contacted me and he can help fly me out of here. Queen Bee, my sister, is trying to arrange a ticket. Help is on the way. My endless thanks for the save.

The relief would have not have been greater if they rolled an elephant off my chest. Although I have very little experience with elephants, I'm sure this statement is accurate. I do know there are little hairs on the back of an elephant's head and neck which are firm and penetrating. Sitting on an elephant is not much fun unless you also enjoy sleeping on a bed of nails. I will be doing neither as the elephant is gone and I will be getting in the wind again.

My favorite was when they had the bills on the sides for the Ladyboys of Thailand as this must have been a spectacular stage show. I kept wondering how far such a bus would get as it tried to roll through Omaha.

Omaha would not be a strong preference but at least it would be warmer. The passport is on the way and it will be delivered by courier to Belly Buster Bistro. Everything comes together almost at once and from total despair. Suddenly it's an exceptionally good thing I didn't snuff myself with gas in the building and did not leave the peach of a memory of being the guy who blew up the building.

The buses are everywhere and this isn't even a big parade of them. They must keep an enormous number of cars off the street and they seem very good at it.

There is a destination now as there are instruments I once played in Fort Worth. It looks like the Queen Bee can get me there and Lotho will help in his own way. The only thing left is the watch list as I've written some volatile stuff on the blog and I really wonder if I will be permitted to fly.

It is also law in the United States that flying in or out of the country must be done using an American passport if you have one. Outbound to Greece I did not use one as who knows such arcane laws. I don't think I will believe I'm in America until I'm standing on the ground there.

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