Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Six     Crossing Scotland

Building Mural

This photograph of a building mural in Leith, Scotland, has been enhanced to bring out the colours but nothing has been added or removed. It's right next to the Leith Public Library which appears a hugely-imposing structure but is light and airy inside with many people enjoying it. The Library became my good friend before Belly Buster Bistro when it was the only place I could find to connect to the Internet and on (cough) Windows.

Some street art is not quite so sophisticated and the artist behind this one is quite a proficient performer as they are all over the place.

There are so many dogs that I begin to suspect even dogs have yet more dogs for pets but one thing I noticed throughout is they hardly ever bark.

Don't take the idea the streets really are so foul they need painted signs as that isn't true. The signs are probably from the same person who calls the police if the band doesn't stop at precisely ten o'clock.

While wandering about thinking about how to solve my dilemma, signs like these do not help. Now I will spend the rest of the day asking if there is a special premium on a bottom wash and who would want one if they did.

Rain comes now more often than not and this has moved into advanced misery replete with flying monkeys every so often. The trouble with flying monkeys isn't that they bite as they usually don't but rather they leave such a mess behind them.

No Monkey Fouling would be appropriate in the flight path of the monkeys as your last encounter with a pigeon should give you a fair idea of what to expect.

It's conceivable this would work better if plants could read.

The sign says it to me as there are some walls you can't climb and I can't go to Germany, much as seeing Cat means more than breathing.

Even if it were financially practical which it is quickly showing it is not, going to Germany would not be fair to her. The risk of going there and falling dependent is very high and that's so brutally selfish that no word is needed for it. That can't happen.

Going to America is still not the answer I want but it is the only answer that has any chance of working. The medical situation has to be handled. I have to deal with it straight-up. Maybe it falls flat again but this has got to be done. How I will get there remains to be seen.

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Edinburgh Building Art

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