Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Six     Crossing Scotland

Onward to Edinburgh

All that's left is to load up Haximoto before rolling out of here for Edinburgh.  This will definitely be the dodgiest part of expedition as there are light showers in Edinburgh right now and it's overcast here.  It looks to me like the odds are about 7:5 in favor of soakage so, ladies and gentlemen, place your bets.

It will be about 11:00 when I leave here and I estimate it will take two to three hours to get there so I should be arriving at about 13:00 or 14:00.  There will still be a further adventure on arriving as I have no idea where my cousin lives and Edinburgh is a large city.  I have her phone number and will call her from the outskirts.  Calling her would be impossible in the US as public telephone booths have been largely wiped-out but they haven’t been hard to find here.

My next report should come from Edinburgh and I don't think I have mentioned it previously that this will complete a circuit around the world.  When my parents left Scotland, it was by steamship that went down to the Mediterranean, through the Suez Canal and across the Indian Ocean to Australia.  From there we went to America and I subsequently left for Greece.  I had overshot Edinburgh once before in visiting The Netherlands and did it again in going to Greece but not this time.

Misty Morning on the Path to Edinburgh

Although Haximoto is quite wet, there is no rain just now and it looks like I will be chasing a weather pattern to Edinburgh as the rain moves off the east coast.  Hopefully I won't catch it.  I doubt Haximoto will pursue it that hard as she really hates the mornings and will hardly run at all until she gets warm.  That old girl is a wee bit tired from all this and who can blame her for that.

The theme of the book I wasn't going to write but is now almost inevitable is Abandoning Paradise and you may ask why I would leave Greece for this.  Why indeed. The answer isn't simply that you will have to read the book as there is no simple answer.  Barring something really unusual, I will make it to Edinburgh today and meet my cousin there, hopefully without any soakage along the way.  There won't be any glowing epiphany of realisation as to what's it all about, Alfie, but it will feel pretty good to pull it off and it will be fascinating to meet my cousin.

The story will not be over when I get to Edinburgh as there is yet much I want to see, the most obvious of which is Edinburgh Castle but there is much more.

So, onward again to the road.

This little church is just outside Lamington on A702 near the Motorway and it's been the same in each country; the main highways are fast but they're sterile and boring whereas it's always beautiful on the secondary highways, no matter where you are.

These are not the Highlands but there are beautiful rolling hills everywhere and they remind in subtle ways of paintings by my father in which there was a similar roll to the hills and which really didn’t match anywhere else we ever lived.

Although the countryside is lovely, the odds do not appear to be improving on getting into Edinburgh without getting soaked.  In fact, I wouldn't bet a shilling but shillings don't even exist anymore.  The UK didn't go over to euros and no-one over here really wants to see them but they didn't exactly keep their original currency either.  Brits will definitely take their own course in whatever they do on anything.

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