Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Six     Crossing Scotland

Made It to Scotland

Easy Rider wears a smile before rolling out of Stockport this morning but it would have been a smile just as big to stay. This is a place of special love and it's not a transient thing as the musicians have been doing this together for decades. This is a magical locus for music and it's also a place where Druids were common at one time. Whether the locus was already magical and that's what attracted the Druids is for the interested spiritual traveler to discover.

While I haven't been making much music myself, it's been much more important to listen wherever I go as there is something to be learned from all of it. The expedition isn't a musicologist's field trip but it is still a field trip so I want to observe everything I can. Most of all, I love the simple coolness of hanging out with people who are living it.

It was a very special time with lefty and Mrs lefty as they couldn't have been nicer, sweeter, and more hospitable. What's very cool on top of that is they're funny and they are radiating sunshine in every possible direction.  Mrs lefty left to be with her family over the weekend whilst lefty and I went out for all kinds of music and it was fabulous, really fabulous.  I've written of that already but there is still one more thing:  thank you lefty and Mrs lefty.

At first when I got a room I really didn't know where I was but the receptionist confirmed I was in Scotland.  There wasn't the intention to ride this far as I was pretty good and tired but everywhere I asked had no vacancies so I kept on rolling north.  Sure enough, I rolled all the way to Scotland.

Right now I'm roughly one hundred and fifty kilometers from Edinburgh but tomorrow they have forecast major thunderstorms with flash floods, etc.  This isn't a big surprise as there has been the heatwave that has been given a whole lot of attention.  It doesn't matter if you think it's not much from where you are as people in England find it very hot.  When hot weather breaks anywhere, there's always a big bang and that's coming tomorrow.  I don't think there's any chance of making Edinburgh before the booming starts but those kinds of storms usually blow themselves out fairly quickly.  We shall see.

It seems there should be a heavenly symphony of trumpets or at least a heavenly drum roll not due to my arrival but rather in restating the coolness of Scotland to anyone such a dullard as to fail to appreciate it. Apparently I'm such a dullard as I'm not feeling what I felt when I landed or at Stonehenge but maybe I'm mixing up spiritualism with being hungry. Assuming cooperation of the weather, tomorrow I will roll up to where I was born, a place I have never seen.

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First Landing in Scotland

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