Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Six     Crossing Scotland

Royal Baby Report from Scotland

As I walked into the motel tonight, the receptionist said something about what seems to be almost continuous coverage on the BBC regarding the new Prince and future King.  I said I thought it was charming and we talked a bit about it.  She said she had seen things people had been writing about the Royal Family and I said it's a baby, the politics will keep for another time.

She had that dreamy look women get before they have a baby of their own or perhaps she was remembering as it couldn't have been too long ago if she has one of her own already.  She was obviously very taken with it all and I said again that it was charming and it's another chance at Camelot.

You will find there are royalists who support the monarchy and believe it's good for the United Kingdom.  In opposition there are the republicans who believe the monarchy is comprised of a bunch of greedy parasites.  How these divisions align with politics is not yet clear to me.  For example, I don't know if you could have a Labor party royalist or a Conservative party republican ... or perhaps it makes no difference at all and they are altogether separate.

Disregarding the political aspect, I really am charmed by this and I really do see the baby as representing another chance at Camelot.  The parents make a lovely couple and of course we have seen this before but that doesn't preordain anything for these kids.

People seem to need to preface any comment by saying I'm not really a royalist ... but I'm really enjoying this moment.  I don't see the need for the preface as it is a beautiful moment and I'm happy to be here to see it.  Actually, I probably am a royalist as I will never forget the Queen's Christmas messages each year when I was a kid.  I also won't ever forget the feeling when the Queen Mother came to visit Sydney.  All of us marched down from school to watch her being driven to whatever had brought her there and the streets were lined on both sides with people wanting to see her.

So I answer my own question as it's quite possible to be a Labor party royalist.  My ol' Dad would tell you this family has been Labor for generations.  I'll also say again that it doesn't matter.  A baby is born, the Prince of Cambridge and the future King of England.

Frasers and Monsters from Loch Ness

Perhaps you think it is unusual that my family comes from around Loch Ness but I think it would be unusual if we came from anywhere else.  You can go up there to visit ancient sea monsters or Frasers ... or both.  Perfect.

This makes me all the more sure the Loch Ness monster is a hoax.  Given my own history of practical jokes, I have every confidence there is some Fraser who figured out how to make a convincing sea or loch monster and has been crying with laughter ever since ... for generations.  My sister and I even made a Loch Ness monster in a snow sculpture one year.  It wouldn't have been quite the thing to convince tourists but it did look pretty cool.

Also, it was Brits who came up with crop circles so the evidence in favor of a hoax is looking fairly strong.  Note it was also a Brit who invented the Piltdown Man, the most successful hoax in paleontology ever.

Wiki:  Piltdown Man

But I will still go out to see if I spot a loch monster if I go up there.  What if it's not a hoax.

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