Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Six     Crossing Scotland

Cycles of Life

We already know Belly Buster Bistro is my favourite but there was a fascinating development in an unused storefront next-door. First the soapy message in the window and then a small number of young supremely-enthusiastic bicycle riders / fixers built a store. The soapy message in the window was soon after I arrived.

The shop is now Bike Craft Edinburgh, a thriving new business offering bicycle sales and repairs. Judging by the traffic they have been receiving, they will do well. This is a fine kind of hope to me and I'm greatly encouraged by it. If you can see it, you really can build it.

Watching this has been like Rod Taylor in that really horrible movie version of "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells. I do remember the hot blonde was Yvette Mimieux so maybe my mind isn't completely destroyed yet.

Photograph by Bike Craft Edinburgh

Here they are today. Never underestimate the power of determined kids to make things happen.

There is a Scotmid co-op very close to where I live and the people there are always a pleasure to see. I went down there to get a couple of rolls as I had bought some for 20p the other day and thought I would get a couple more. Unfortunately, I got a bit of a surprise at the checkout as the girl said they were 46p for four but were 92p for two. That doesn't make any sense but life isn't supposed to make sense and that's why we keep a good supply of politicians around to ensure no-one ever has any idea what's happening.

I was surprised but cheerful and told her I hadn't touched the rolls and would return them to the rack. After doing that, she stopped me on the way out and she said she was also buying a couple of rolls, how about if I go back for the two I wanted and pay her 50p. I only had 41p but she smiled and said that was fine.

You can ride a double-decker along Princess Street and do all the tourist stuff but that doesn't have any more to do with Scotland than buying the tourist stuff on the street in Katakolon will show you anything about Greece.

There is some other news as young man with a great many tattoos tried to shoplift some food and there was a great commotion as the store owner and an assistant tried to detain him. He was too strong for them and eventually broke away although I don't think he managed to keep what he was trying to take. It's disturbing to see someone young and in apparently good physical condition who needs to steal food.

The view of the young man is an unpleasant one immediately following such sweetness from the girl who worked there but such was the observation. It's senseless to try to extend sociological conclusions but it's disturbing to see while at the same time the girl gives so much pure human goodness.

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SCOTMID Co-op on Ferry Road

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