Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Six     Crossing Scotland

Publishing from Leith - I'm in Edinburgh

So completes one trip around the world and that can only mean one thing ... do it again!

I really did arrive in Edinburgh about the time I anticipated, somewhere between 14:00 and 15:00, but navigating through the city to where my cousin lives turned out to be an expedition in itself.  At first I tried the few petrol stations I saw and was told to go back to the city centre to start from there.  This resulted in several crossings of the city but did not get me any closer to where I was trying to go.

Then I started bothering pedestrians, all of whom were very helpful, and this got me fairly close.  I finally talked to a fellow on a bicycle who stopped next to me at a traffic light and I asked him if he knew where my destination street might be.  He didn't but said he would pull over on the other side of the intersection and look it up on his phone.

No, we're not ready for the thank you part yet as there's more.  He didn't have any luck finding the street so I asked him if I could impose on him to make a phone call for me.  He thought it was funny that I should ask but he was happy to do it and this made the final connection.  Andrew, wherever you are, thank you so much!

There is no WiFi where I am staying and right now I'm coming to you from a public library, quite a nice one.  There are kids all over the place and it's brightly-lit by multiple windows so it's quite a charming place.  I will search more for somewhere I can use my own computer as right now I'm using Windows (cough).

If you made a bet on whether I would get soaked yesterday, you will have to work it out with your bookie.  It did start sprinkling early but really not enough to count.  My hands got a little moist but that's hardly a soaking.  However, if your bookie wants to get technical about it, there was rain.  I didn't consider it even close to a soaking but your deal is with your bookie.  It wasn't until this morning when I went out for a walk that I got soaked.  Eventually it had to happen ... but it never did on the road with Haximoto.

Taking Care of Business

There were some reservations about medical coverage and registering for National Health Service.  Scratch that one as a concern as this was completed in about twenty minutes and I will have a card in about forty-eight hours.

My US passport expired while I was in Greece and dealing with the Embassy in Athens would have been a nightmare. I've been traveling on my UK passport and I'm legally-resident in Scotland but there always has to be a parachute. If I don't renew the US passport now then maybe sometime they won't as I have no intention of reducing the incendiary aspects of various things I write on Searching for Ithaka.

It will be difficult to use Haximoto very much but I will definitely be going exploring as I told you I would, at a minimum, to bring you Edinburgh Castle and that's a must but I also must first figure out the bus routes.  The buses are cool for multiple reasons as they're double-deckers, they're colossal, and they also have WiFi.  Pictures of all this will come but I need to find WiFi first as it isn't possible to upload pictures from the library computer.

I will connect again as soon as I can.  Thank you everyone.  No matter how crazy people may say your objective appears, if you're determined enough then you can do it.  Live it.

Haximoto is stored as I'm advised she would not only be stolen but also burned for amusement if left on the street. She has never been involved with politics so burning her on the street seems unwarranted and she is now protected. I can't get around too much without her but any risk to her would be so wrong.

There is also advice about a substantial level of burglary in the area. This starts to sound like I should watch out for G-men jumping out from underneath manhole covers but it's unclear. Something seems unusual but I heed the advice as the Galaxy Guitar will be protected even if nothing else is.

This would be a good time for giving my deep thanks to my cousin, Gillian, for putting me up and for helping me get straight with NHS.  I will definitely be here long enough to resolve the foot problem as there's no hiding it and my cousin was quite insistent on taking some pain medication, Paracemetol or something like that.  I wouldn't do it as I strongly believe there has to be a bone poking through the skin before pain meds are warranted but it was sweet of her to suggest it.

There would simply be no chance of surviving here without the gracious support from my cousin. She has other arrangements just now so I can stay in her flat and pay her for gas and electricity, etc. This is much more than fair enough as I would have been completely screwed without a place to land.

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