Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Six     Crossing Scotland

Chimneys in Edinburgh

Wandering about in Leith, I'm struck by the chimneys. They're everywhere and so many of them. I'm thinking some guys from Brazil must drop out of the ceiling whenever it's necessary to do anything to the heating systems and the pipes driving these things.

My range isn't too good as the foot is wrecked but this time it really is improving. I have no explanation for that but this is working so I explore a bit. The wait for the passport is interminable. Visiting NHS for medical support was close to useless although it at least got me a prescription for blood pressure meds. It's the first one I've had the whole time I've been gone as a Pharmacies were very cool about getting them to me without prescription.

Apart from the medicine, it was a waste of time seeing NHS. There is no need for a review of the system as I've been in a bad situation for access to a doctor in multiple countries and the result has been about the same in all of them. This does engender a bit of fatalism which gives all the more reason to walk about looking at chimneys.

There is an unusual beauty to it but still there's a nagging scientist who wants to know what demented machine needs this many chimneys to work. Perhaps it is something out of H.G. Wells and these are more than chimneys for heating units.

Needing things to make sense is some kind of disease as the evidence is clear hardly anything makes sense. Everything is gone and there has been lots of talking with Cat as that's the bright highlight of the day. At Belly Buster, I can use the WiFi for multiple things and a very big one is talking to Cat via Skype. We talk a great deal of whether it would be possible to survive in Germany as it's obviously not possible to survive here. The dollar exchange is more favourable with the Euro than with the Pound so the question is whether that makes enough difference to avoid starving.

All the while I know my breathing isn't getting any better and what I'm doing isn't going to solve it. The walking helps but not much. Whatever causes the problem needs at least to be identified. If there is something to be done, I would like to get on with it.

Also all the while, I smoke. I know it destroys me. I know it causes the problem but I don't know why I do it beyond a cheap high from the nicotine. I've walked away from drugs with a much bigger buzz and after using them a lot but this one is pernicious. Even walking around just now the question comes to me but no answer comes with it.

They are all different but that does make sense, we just don't know why.

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