Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Five     Crossing England

Incredible Planet Live at The Ship

Incredible Planet, Darren Poyzer and Kevin Farrell, played at The Ship Inn in Lathom near Manchester.  This is what I had been hoping to see when I came by here but which did not look like it was going to happen until some time on Saturday.  There was no way I was going to leave and miss it.

"Would you care for a cuppa tea, dear?"

There's a wonderful circle of musicians here in which they all know each other and play in many of the same pubs and cafes.  The area is musically-rich and it's no exaggeration at all that there's music all over the place.  Maybe you think of course there is music everywhere as The Beatles and so many bands came out of Liverpool ... but that was long ago.


The vibe is very much alive here at The Ship.  While they were setting up, a lady stopped by to ask if there would be live music today.  They told her there would and she was most pleased as if to say, "I've been waiting for this."

A canal runs behind The Ship and this is a gentle channel that gets a surprising amount of traffic. You may like to click through the slideshow to watch before going on with the show.

Incredible Planet - Live

Right off the top, here's one for Cat as I have already told you all of us love her and she loves a song called "Angela Merkel" as it is one lefty Unplugged plays in Second Life. As Kevin Farrell in this alternate real world, he calls it "Angelina" and here is video from The Ship Inn:

I enjoyed the show thoroughly as they did two sets, the first shorter and a little softer with the latter more pumped up and running to their close at about 16:00.  The only part that didn't work was they were singing for the sun to come out.  It did try but never really did manage a full appearance.  Many people were wearing t-shirts and Darren was laughing from the stage at the Greek wanderer who was wearing a lined jacket and was freezing.  So far, the only thing missing from the English heat wave is ... heat.

Darren laughed after hearing we had been to George Borowski and the Fabulous Wonderfuls yesterday and said, "How can we possibly follow that?"

Well, like this:

One thing you'll see right away in watching them playing is how much fun they're having doing it.  Both have been playing for a long time, probably much of their lives, so they're very comfortable in front of the microphone and they're very much tuned to how the audience is doing and feeling. Kevin is using an interesting array of effects boxes and this gives him the freedom to make a wide variety of sounds, much beyond what you would ordinarily expect an acoustic guitar can do.

Darren says Kevin is the man with the knowledge and he, Darren, just bangs chords.  Well, you can see for yourself how it goes as this time I have video of the show.  My view of it is that it was a marvelous performance and I would hate like hell to have missed it. Here is their closing set and I hope you have enjoyed their performance.

This has been one of those crossover times between real and virtual reality as I've known lefty for a year through talking and his performances online, also from videos he has released to YouTube. I've seen the advertising for the concerts he performs with Darren and smiled at their success but did not think until, as you saw, a few days ago that I would ever attend one. The mingling of real and virtual worlds is a fascinating thing to me but not fascinating enough to intellectualise a wonderful moment. The passion, talent, and enthusiastic humour they bring to their work charms everyone who hears them as there was a full audience the entire time.

I read some scathing reviews of their ale but I saw no-one suffering any bouts of rejection. Anyone I saw hefting suds was enjoying it thoroughly. I'm one of those sissies who doesn't drink but that would have added nothing to the concert. It was a grand time as I had a front row seat for filming it so every part of it was very special to me.

Think of how remarkable as I have watched lefty Unplugged in performance probably fifty times or more but always as an avatar in Second Life where he looks a bit like Joe Satriani. That may sound silly but it's cool and definitely lefty. So now sitting in front of them, it's exactly the same voice, style, manner, all the ingredients but that's not Joe Satriani. This twist in perception is delicious to me.

Wistfulness creeps into me as I know I have to leave but what an Incredible Planet.

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The Ship Inn at 4 Wheat Lane in Lathom

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