Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Five     Crossing England

And Then I Went to Stonehenge

As I approached Stonehenge my eyes got more and more misty until I had big roly poly drops in them.  It really didn't embarrass me but I did wipe them away even as I was wondering why does it not affect anyone else like this.  But how do I know other people did not do that as well and they were as smooth as I about wiping them away.  I can't believe every single person - and there were a lot of them - was there to take a Here I Am At Stonehenge picture.

For some reason, the crows, always smart and wise birds, add to the mystery of it all in sitting atop the stones.  Scientists think Stonehenge was erected about 3,000 B.C. or about five thousand years ago.  People come from all over the world to commune with these stones and I mean they come in droves, in cars, buses, even crazy people on scooters. It tells how much the Druids contributed even if no-one is so good at putting it into explicit words.

Wiki:  Stonehenge

I did not get the audio device (free) that gave everyone an audio tour while we walked the quite large circle around the stones as I wanted to experience this in silence. Doing this means I come away with less hard science but much more of the impression and this is what is most important to me. I don't want to be told what to think about everything but rather to experience it first-hand and there is time enough for hard science later.

There has been a picture of Stonehenge as the wallpaper on multiple of my computers for years as it represents to me one of the dawns of English history and that’s a fascination. It’s a major part of why we turned out the way we are and no-one has any idea what that means but the compulsion to try to discover an answer is endlessly interesting.

There is a Stonehenge slideshow backing this story as my purpose in photography was to shoot a picture every so often as I walked the path all the way around the ruins. Putting them all on the page would not work too well so the others are available by clicking one of the pictures presented here and then you can talk a walk all the way around.

This was a tremendously moving experience although not in a way that makes you want to scream for joy or jump in the air or whatever. Everyone felt it as even children didn’t make much noise. There was a profound respect from everyone for something that’s Bigger Than All of Us but maybe it will be a surprise to you that the stones are really not that big.

Regardless of the relative size of the stones, it’s an enormous thing to me contemplating that which went before us so long ago. These stones cross over five thousand years of history and this is a scale that is similar to that of Egypt and the East. Still it’s much more than a history lesson as we really don’t know in much detail what that history was but it’s enormously impressive nevertheless.

Something I learned from Cat and which was a surprise to me was how widespread the Druids and the Celts once were. I'm not so clear on the Druids but the Celts had tribes all the way down to Germany and there were all over Europe. It looks very much like the Celts were the fore-runners of a substantial part of the European consciousness and thus that of America as well. There are many other tribes in the world but the Celts had a very large one and there are many people keeping alive today what is known of the traditions.

There are various types of pilgrimages people make but this is the one that has always drawn me. All the time I tell people to Dream Big, It Just Might Happen and today I stand in front of Stonehenge very much with the help of my family and friends. As in Tennessee, Greece, and certain other places, the spiritual power here is strong and it is a major privilege for me to be able to be here to experience it.

Very much I feel the spirits of ancestors just by walking this land but I feel it even more here. My linkage with Druids is as tenuous as that of anyone else but my people have been Celtic for at least a thousand years and who knows how much longer before that.

And on a whole different theme:

Before you start thinking the English are classier than you, let's take a look at the Stonehenge gift shop. Is your refrigerator just dying for a Stonehenge refrigerator magnet.  Well, the gift shop is where you can buy one.  My personal favorite was one of the t-shirts that read Stonehenge Rocks.  In fact Stonehenge did rock in 1983 when my friend, Garry 'Moonbot' Masters, played there but I doubt that would be allowed today. Some of his equipment was lost while he was there and he still hopes some days the Druids will give it back.

Um, no, I didn't buy anything in the gift shop.

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