Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Five     Crossing England

Salisbury Cathedral

There was no plan to stop in Salisbury but I could see the spire of the Salisbury Cathedral in the distance and I just had to go over to take a look.  I'm very glad I did as it was magnificent.  I like to take pictures of churches but this was more than anything I had ever seen before.  To this day it has the tallest spire of anywhere in the United Kingdom and work started on it in 1220.  Amazingly, most of it was completed by 1258.

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The intricacy of the stonework was a marvel as the sculptures were all over it.  You can write your own editorial on modern religion but what I see is work by people who really believed.  What you believe is your own business but this looks like work by people who believed beyond any question in a time when everyone believed without question. They had a nasty habit of burning people who didn't but overall it was an accepted fact much like the acceptance of Greek Orthodoxy in Greece. Some aspect comes from obedience but the larger view is of the pointlessness in arguing over something so obvious. So they believe.

There are various modern art sculptures around the grounds of the Salisbury Cathedral and I couldn't resist the picture when this little baby walked over to one of them. She wasn’t lost as Mum wasn’t too far behind her.

I'll also leave the editorial to you on comparing modern sculpture to that of the past.  It's an interesting piece of work as the shadow over that little baby could be an angel or Roger Waters' hammer from The Wall.

If you look closely at the picture you may see the statues were built at different times. The stone doesn’t look similar and the clothes they are wearing are very different. Perhaps they represent leaders of the church from different periods. Hopefully you can see also the heads at their feet to the right. The one to the most right is very heavily-worn and perhaps has been there since the church was built. I assume these heads are tormented souls who did not accept the church or had committed some type of transgression.   (Close-up below)

The torment is in us all. There is always the torment in carrying Andromeda, the Galaxy Guitar, for thousands of kilometers and this prevented doing a great many things because her life is more important than mine. Without Andromeda and music, for me, there is no life. The torment is knowing with every kilometer I have driven, not one has brought me any closer to Cat or at least a way to play for her. Then there's the biggest torment of all of whether music and consequently me are more than an amusement for people but most of all is it that for me. Answer these things or be a stone face on a wall screaming for eternity.

This was really an extraordinary experience, much more than simply photographing a church as there were people picnicking about the grounds and there was an ambience that lifted this far beyond a photographic expedition.  I'm very glad I wasn't in such a hurry that I drove past it as the vibe has been building on these grounds for almost a millennium.

There is a real original of the Magna Carta inside the Cathedral but I did not go inside to see it. One reason is I never leave line-of-sight to Haximoto and the guitar but most of all I have not much interest in documents. My interest is in what they do and what the people did with them. There are many treatises on the value of political documents but this is not one of them so I'm going to find Stonehenge next.

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Salisbury Cathedral

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