Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Five     Crossing England

Waking Up in Cheltenham

How much could happen overnight.  Well, quite a lot, actually.  Something that is now close to confirmed is to arrive at the home of lefty Unplugged / Kevin Farrell sometime on Thursday.  He is about two hundred miles from here and close to the same path I am following anyway.  I have admired his work in performance at Cat's Art MusikCircus and this is an opportunity to meet him.  Some of you have worried that I'm moving too fast and I will miss things I may never see again but hopefully the articles from the last few days will show you how I'm doing on this.

Part of the reason for dashing is that Thursday is Cat's birthday and I've needed to be somewhere I could play for her.  I don't know if I can play, I don't even know if my stuff will still work, but I'm sure Kevin and I can get something happening to celebrate her day and I know if we did it together she would just be so tickled.

As to who is driving on the wrong side of the road ... who cares.

You will find it is not so difficult to switch back and forth so long as you're not driving, as Stirling Moss puts it, at ten / tenths (i.e. using every bit of your skill).  If you drive all out then you may react instinctively but 'on the wrong side' that instinct could easily be wrong.

When Americans would come to visit in Australia, all of them would say it feels so strange to be sitting on the left and not driving.  As kids, the youngest would always react the same way, "Mummy, why are they so stupid?"

Even this gets me a little misty as thoughts swirl through my mind here and they really do go back to when I was a child.

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In Cheltenham on the Way North

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