Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Five     Crossing England

lefty and Silas Playing for Cat's Birthday

Thanks to Yevette Nishi for the picture

On-stage together for the first time, lefty Unplugged and Silas Scarborough at Cat Boucher's Art MusikCircus.

There was no rehearsal, no anything prior to the performance as I'm still not quite used to being on GMT now rather than a couple of hours offset with Greek time.

(Ed:  this sounds like you were late for her birthday?)

Yes, I confess most ashamedly that indeed I was.  However, Cat is ever the professional in running shows at the MusikCircus and she kept the music happening until we could get started.

Cat Boucher, Owner and Manager of Cat's Art MusikCircus

Special thanks to Lenny McCloud (lennymccloud Resident) as Laralette Lane couldn't do a two-hour show so he stepped in to fill the time until we appeared.  I couldn't hear too much as we were plugging wires and doing that kind of thing but I did hear some beautiful piano work.  Cat tells me he is a German pianist and he will be playing at the MusikCircus again soon.

Neither of us had a plan for the show but I was quite sure I didn't want it to be The Silas Show ... with lefty.  It would be much better as a joint performance.

At first lefty had to leave the studio and I suspect he was being mannerly in giving me some time to get my bearings as I haven't played in weeks.  After a few tunes he came back and I had some simple chords on the looper so we rolled with that for a while.  I had made it a rule for myself to never ever jam with anyone with a looper but here I was using one. Even so, it worked for getting things going with each other.  The song went long but we were switching back and forth playing lead lines with it and this gave a chance to get started with each other.

lefty and I had talked earlier about how the freedom to play whatever you like is more clear at Cat's Art MusikCircus than anywhere else either of us have played in Second Life and both of us have done a whole lot of gigs.  Cat minimises what she does but it's an important thing as there is very much an expectation at various venues to play this or that, wear this or that, etc and that does nothing at all for the freedom to make music.  Cat rejects that thinking altogether and she has made the MusikCircus a wonderful place to play.

And so we played for Cat's birthday and hopefully made it a good one for her.  Both of us love her and she doesn't really get why but the fact remains ... it's so. I could tell you why people love her but she really doesn't want a spotlight, she only wants music. Both of us can say we love her but those are words. That everything came together so we could play for her on her birthday, that says it so much better. But one more time doesn't hurt: we love you Cat!

I don't think there is a recording of the show but perhaps it is better that way as this entire adventure is an exercise in existentialism so a recording really doesn't matter much. What matters is being at the show and both of us are glad you were.  Edinburgh is three hundred and fifty kilometers from here and I wouldn't make that trip again with my guitar on the scooter but it would be an easy jump on a bus to come back.  What I've learned most of all from this expedition is that predicting the future is pointless but it will take care of itself in any case.  Live it now.

Perhaps we will do it again before pushing on for Edinburgh.  It was wonderful to play with lefty and hopefully people could tell from the performance how much we enjoyed it.  Thank you everyone who came.

I'm staying over here at Mr and Mrs lefty's place and we will go off exploring tomorrow.  There are some mines nearby, now abandoned, that were in use since the Bronze Age and lefty played there as a kid.  Most definitely there will be pictures.

And one more time ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAT

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