Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Five     Crossing England

Before the Show with Mr and Mrs lefty Unplugged

There are many articles in this blog about lefty Unplugged and his performances at Cat's Art MusikCircus and I had said along the way that I would love to meet him but we didn't put anything together until I got fairly close.  We discovered his home is very close to the route I had adopted for getting to Edinburgh and he invited me to stay.  It turned out to be quite painless getting here with only getting a bit lost once and I arrived fairly early in the day giving lots of time to hang out.

This is a beautiful guitar which he got fairly recently and he keeps it within easy reach for whenever some music comes into his head ... which is most of the time.  He lives his life for music these days and has devoted quite a bit of his life to it in any case but he makes his living solely from music now, such is his passion and there is no chance it will ever diminish.

lefty is a live spirit in a world in which many lights have dimmed. Sharing this time is very special and, as lefty came to discover, I'm crushingly shy and have no idea what to do with myself off-stage. That's a backhanded way of saying my lack of ability to personally express my appreciation for the love and the inspiration from he and Mrs lefty is no indication of the depth of it.

Music is not the only passion in his life so here are Mr and Mrs lefty Unplugged.  She has been absolutely charming and graciously consented to a picture.

Yes, of course her hair is purple and quite a lovely choice. Anyone with purple hair has got to have an adventurous spirit.  It was not only charming to meet and talk with her as she made a Curry Chicken meal for dinner that was outstanding.  It wasn't Curry Chicken over rice but rather she put out a full spread with Naan and some different vegetable pieces that were excellent.

Just as with lefty her spirit is so live and of course it would be living with him. I have a little trouble understanding her. I now know nackered means really tired and shattered means really hungry ... I think. In each country another language. It's dazzling.

They are lovely together and it's a charming thing to see as they complement each other very well and it's an extraordinary pleasure hanging about with them.  While the love is obvious, hanging about with each other every moment doesn't work for anyone so Mrs lefty does what she likes whilst lefty makes his music and this works very well for them.

Here is where the music happens.

I was very impressed by the sophistication of the equipment.  It's not because of any lack of sophistication in his music as the regulars have heard my thoughts on that previously but rather I didn't think he needed much gear to do it.  However, you see part of his kit here and it's beautifully installed.

Part of the genius in lefty's music is the deftness in the way he manages these devices as used wisely and they will make art but turn all the knobs to ten and make a musical sandstorm. lefty's sound is always immaculate and that doesn't come easily with this much gear. At a glance one can see this man knows his craft.

We will come back to play here this evening but first back to the Garden.

Even Pidge came to visit.

Where the sparrows take little nibbles, Pidge is going to eat the whole slice and it was amusing at one point as he's not so graceful in his eating.  The bread flies about as he chops it up and a large bit flew up in the air.  It landed back down on him and frightened him enough that he almost left.  But no chance he was going to leave a meal with a morsel unconsumed.

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