Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Four     Crossing France

It's Your Tour Now

Since I'm running entirely on the bum, how the rest of the adventure is handled is your call.  I am acutely aware that it would cost more than Haximoto is worth to ride her up to Edinburgh.  The reason I have been doing all of this was to Save the Scooter and my arithmetic wasn't terribly bad but my knowledge of what things would cost was abysmal.

One option suggested has been to abandon the scooter in Lyon and fly the rest of the way.  That makes perfect arithmetic sense but it isn't much of an adventure for you or for me.  However, it's really not my call as I can't pay for it either way.

I'm more than happy to keep riding and be your eyes and ears on this journey as I love sharing it with you as I go.  It's not that I'm using you for the sake of a book that I will write and make lots of money as anyone who spent a moment in the sixties has already read Jack Kerouac.  That really doesn't preclude a book as it's stupid cynicism to say everything worth writing has already been written.  In any case, I see this as much more of an exercise in existentialism than a method toward some future event.  (This got me thinking of it some more and why not.  If there will be a book then it will be entitled "Abandoning Paradise")

I have confirmed with the hotel that I will stay here tonight.  It's stupid to deny the injuries so taking a day down isn't a bad idea.  The biggest problem is my back and riding doesn't help that at all but, surprisingly enough, my foot / ankle continue to improve.  Another benefit to taking a day down is that I'm not likely to receive any more injuries unless I slip in the shower.

So, I'm taking it easy today in Montelimar.  Thank you everyone.

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