Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Four     Crossing France

Une Nuit de Plus

The title is French for 'one more night.'  Une nuit de plus (uhn-eh noo-ee duh ploo)

While my foot has significantly improved, there's still bleeding and my back is still difficult.  Riding will just make that worse as I found out yesterday.  It's actually easier when the scooter is loaded as that gives back support but it makes more sense to stay down for one more to give it a chance.  If you've ever thrown out your back, you know how it goes.  If you go to a doctor then you get pain meds and muscle relaxers both of which make you a zombie and neither of which make any difference to improving how long it takes to get better.  In fact, it will get better all by itself so long as you don't push it.

I'm not positive about what is happening but there appears to be some interference in Edinburgh and that would make it a Very Bad Idea to go there.  I need to make a decision at the latest by the point of reaching Dijon as I can divert to Germany there.  While this might seem roundabout, it was crucially important to avoid the Alps and this would work perfectly for doing that.  From Dijon I either go to Reims to continue up to Calais or head for Nancy and subsequently into Germany which is one hell of a lot closer than Edinburgh and nowhere near as far north.

I have seen flats for rent in Germany for €200 so it seems survivable.  I have talked a bit to my cousin in Edinburgh and she has said it would be possible to survive, albeit brutishly, on what comes in on Social Security.  I will need to talk to Cat about this as she would know best whether it really is possible to survive in Germany.  The long-time readers already know of my love and fascination with Germany and it's based on a great many good reasons.  The reasons for Edinburgh have shifted from medical which I've pretty much abandoned to seeing family and my birthplace.  However, if that means dealing with drama then it's not worth it.

Some of you understand loving someone you will probably never see and no amount of explanation will bring it home to anyone who does not.  The most important thing is to focus on the real people in this story:  Cat, Lotho, Yevette, Susan, Crap, Andrea, Sundance, Cadillac Man, all of whom have been tremendously helpful emotionally and some also financially.  None of them are telling me which way to go and that's part of why I love them.

For today I will explore a little bit as I have heard you on more pictures and more people.  As above, real people are what make life a joy and I will see who I can find.  For the longer view, I will find somewhere with meaning in my life where I can get strong WiFi as this will permit me to make music online, maybe even offline as well, and write the book, Abandoning Paradise."   I will also re-publish "Lunagrams - Poems of the Galactic Peace Tour," only this time without my videos in it so the book is no longer a gigantic download.

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