Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Four     Crossing France

Onward to Le Mans

People started leaving about 18 o'clock or so which was much later than I had thought but still I wouldn't have missed it.  I had only slept four hours after the concert the previous night plus all day in the blazing sun had altogether drained me but I needed to get some kilometers down the road.  The objective was to get to Tours for the night.

It wasn't so terrible finding my way out of Saint Amand-Montrond by working the back streets to get to A71 but I was only a wee bit down the road when I started thinking there was there any chance of making it to Tours.  Haximoto was doing well as it seems the theory on water in the fuel tank was correct and she was running much better.  She's still cranky at idle when she's cold but so is just about anyone.

I saw Vierzon was seventy-five kilometers and I thought it would be prudent to stop there but there were no rooms available.  I suppose there must have been some kind of event in town as they told me there was no chance of finding a place, there wasn't even any point in calling around.  I even considered a Kyriad Hotel but they wanted seventy euros. I had very little left plus I had paid that for a really nice hotel, L'Amandois in Saint Amand-Montrond, the night before so there was no chance of going to Kyriad.

So I pushed on down the road and there's no need for a grand tale of suffering as it was a difficult ride but it culminated in going all the way through to Tours which is where I wanted to be anyway.  All the while I was looking for a hotel but that's difficult from the Autoroute as there is zero advertising on it.

I was getting a bit desperate as I had told Cat I would try to get to Joaquin Gustav's show last night and I could see the time withering away as highway signs would once in a while show the time.  I did make it to the show but the WiFi is so poor here that I can't give much of a report on it but I made to Tours with thirty minutes to spare.

I'm still dog tired but that's alright.  I will head for Le Mans in the morning and that may be a good stopping point before the last run to Le Havre on Sunday and then on to Portsmouth by the first ferry.

I'm into the Social Security money now and that won't go too far.  If you can help, it would be very much appreciated.  PayPal takes about 4-5 days to process.  If anyone thinks I'm making some profit on this, guess again.  I'll arrive in Edinburgh dead broke but with the shirt on my back and Andromeda, my beloved guitar.  Haximoto will probably roll over dead at that point.

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Tours on the Way to Le Mans

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