Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Four     Crossing France

Riding Out of Montelimar This Morning

The storm has passed and this morning I ride on to Dijon.  It surprised me that it was necessary to stay down for a few days and the big ride up to Montelimar might not have been such a good idea but in large part I needed to show myself I could do it.  I was fairly damaged going into it and definitely over-tired but I've slept quite a bit here and the physical condition is now much improved.

I was asked how's the food and really it's not so good.  It's marvelous if you like pastries in the morning as the French seem to really love them but that's not for me.  I'd just as soon eat a cheeseburger as eat something sweet very early.  So I need to find me some eggs today.  Yesterday I found a McDonald's and I thought to myself, hmmm, how depraved to eat at McD in France and how does that place survive here anyway.  So I had to do it ... and it was just as disgusting as anywhere else although the menu is not quite the same.

I also did a shout-out for beautiful people who have helped this maniac trip go along and the risk in doing that is forgetting someone.  Sure as hell, I did and I want to correct that right now as without the enormous help from Andrea and Sundance I would never have made it to Greece in the first place.

It's also an enormous oversight to leave out Harry and Nathalie who were such a help in Greece in many, many ways.  Harry sold me Haximoto and that dear little scooter has carried me all this way despite so many people saying it was impossible.  I've still got about fifteen hundred kilometers to go and I'm not going to predict anything and jinx that part but she has been one tough and loyal partner.  (I did send a message to SYM to ask if they were interested in sponsoring the expedition but they didn't respond.  Ah well, their loss.)

So, onward to the north only this time I will not use the Autoroute and I hope to get you some good pictures along the way.  Progress will not be as fast, of course, but so what.

Livin’ large, Baby!  It's cool, tho.  I don't need much.  So long as I have a rack, a shower, and a hook-up for WiFi, I'm happy with it.

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