Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Four     Crossing France

The Morning Status

It doesn't hurt the most on the day you go down because you've insulted your body so much that it really doesn't know what to make of it.  Overnight it gets pissed off.  In the morning it comes for revenge.  You hurt me so I'm going to hurt you back.  This is how it thinks.

My right side is whining mightily.  The ankle and the knee are screeching but I can still walk.  I am slow but I can move.  There’s only one answer: if you can't walk then ride.

The abrasions, etc will recover and there’s nothing much to say about them.  They're just stingy annoyances and they will pass.  The ankle / knee stuff will pass as well but that will enjoy aggravating me for a few days yet.

I appreciate the encouragement from you to push onward.  The other choice was to cry like a sissyboy and fly out of Nice but I really never would forgive myself for that.

The inventory losses are the camping stuff and a great many clothes.  There was no damage to musical or computer stuff.  It's possible my external disk was injured but there’s no way to verify that here.

Please do help if you can.  I'm in fairly deep trouble at this point and any support you can send will be hugely appreciated.  Getting the rest of the way will not be cheap and avoiding mountains is going to be one hell of a good trick.

A story:

I wasn't in France long before my first encounter with the gendarmes.  There was the sudden appearance of blue lights behind me and then there was the loving tweet from the car's siren.  Apparently I ran a red light.  I was suitably contrite but then he went on to say I had run three red lights. That was complete rubbish as I had not even passed three red lights since my last stop. I didn’t contradict him as another cruiser had arrived while we had been talking and things weren’t looking too good.

After he looked at my driver’s license he was a wee bit puzzled:  you have a UK passport but you come from Greece and you have a Tennessee driver's license.  Tell me why I should not send you to Devil's Island.

I didn't have a good answer for that but really he was pretty cool about it and kind of gave up in disgust.  This Brit is just too damn stupid for words and off they went.

Not a bad job that my only two encounters with police were on the same day and in the same country.

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