Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Four     Crossing France

Rolling Out of Montelimar in the Morning

There's about seventy euros remaining and that's enough to get a good distance down the road as each fill-up is about five euros and that's enough for around a hundred kilometers.  That would still permit staying in a hotel tomorrow night so long as I can find one cheap enough.  I have been looking up hostels and those seem to run about €20 to €25. I can't imagine they would be any more primitive than the room in which I'm staying here.

I'm pretty confident I can make Dijon tomorrow, then Reims the next day, and Calais the day after that. Here's an example of a hostel in Dijon, hostels in Reims, and hostels in Calais.  This is no more expensive than camping so I no longer see any payback in buying camping gear.  These would give tremendous freedom to explore as they would cut the costs tremendously and also give me places to unload my gear so I can explore in safety.  The reason I never went swimming was that I wasn't willing to leave the guitar alone.

I talked to Cat earlier today and that was lovely as there hadn't been the opportunity for some while.  She said, quite rightly, the blog is more focused on the mechanics of traveling rather than what I see and people I meet.  That's true and I will cop a plea on that as the last place that really got to me was Bussana Vecchia and ever since then has been largely dominated by the crash and dealing with it plus the rapidly disappearing euros.

It was funny when we were talking as I had to get up to answer the door and I let out a noise because my back really fookin' hurts.  That cracked her right up as it suddenly came to her, man, you aren't kidding!. There is good progress with my foot, tho.  I was really starting to think I had broken something in the foot itself but it's definitely improving and my knee doesn't bother me at all anymore.

Don't expect yer woman to be dancing for you when you crack up your scoot and consequently yourself.  Oh Baby, you did SUCH a clever thing, didn't you.  Well, no, I didn't.  She was justifiably angry when I did it but it's a lovely thing to be able to talk now.

So, tomorrow I shoot for the hostel in Dijon and I should get there early enough to get us all some stories and pictures of what I see there and along the way.  I will not take the Autoroute but rather N7 along the Rhone until I need to switch to N6 in Lyon.

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