Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Four     Crossing France

More Pictures from Montelimar

If there is any remaining doubt in your mind about Montelimar being the Nougat and Bonbon Capital of the Universe, this should probably settle it.

The road in front of Nougat Le Sphinx is N7 and this was originally the main road to the south until the A7 Autoroute was built.  Traffic along N7 dwindled and the business here fell off.  There are hordes of vehicles running up and down A7 but you can see from the picture that traffic is very light through the actual town of Montelimar.  You will also hear the trains shooting by like jet planes but they too never stop.

Although the paint is fading, it didn’t feel at all like Montelimar is descending. It’s not a glam tourist resort but it isn’t trying to be one. There were some tourists wandering about in the centre of the city but very few.  It didn't seem Montelimar was falling apart but there wasn't much happening.

I really wasn’t sure what to make of it as there was hardly anyone about. This is the ‘old town’ part of the city and it’s much bigger than the picture shows but there seemed to be very little interest in it.

There is what seems to be the main boulevard in the city centre with many restaurants along one side and parking areas that were quite full on the other.  I don't know where the people from those cars went as there weren't so many sitting outdoors in the cafes but the skateboard kid is doing what skateboarders do everywhere.

Orange is near here and is a great producer of perfumes so that's almost certainly where all the lavender goes.  Never before have I seen so much of it at once. This field of lavender is one of many I have seen along the road. I had never thought of anyone cultivating lavender as a crop but that’s done quite a bit in France. If you have some in your garden, crush one of the blooms in your fingers and it will release that lovely lavender scent to you.

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