Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Four     Crossing France

Monte Carlo - Any Questions?

The yachts all scream opulence from every part of them but nothing says ridiculous wealth as much to me as much as a Ferrari.  I saw more Ferraris in twenty or minutes in Monte Carlo than I saw in all of Italy.  I saw one guy passing off a beautiful red Ferrari to Valet Parking so he could go into the casino to play.  Now that is having so much money that you just don't care.

This was a most unusual place as the wealth of it is so abundantly obvious but it’s not really because anyone is making any particular show of it. There’s just so much of it that there’s no way to hide it. After this, rich people anywhere else will never look like anything but posers. Despite the wealth, there’s one thing that’s the same as anywhere else: traffic jams. For such a small place, it has one hell of a lot of traffic.

The beauty part was driving through the tunnel that was made so famous by Formula 1 racing. Now THAT was a religious experience. It must be really extraordinary here when the Grand Prix is running. There are other street races but there is only one Monaco.

I didn’t stop anywhere as this really wasn’t my side of the tracks but it was novel to get a glimpse of the fabulous wealth of it.

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Monte Carlo

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