Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Four     Crossing France

Nothing Like a Drum Team in the Morning

Saint Amand-Montrond was excited and it grew throughout the day.  It started early with a marching band and everyone in it was playing a percussion instrument.  They were making one hell of a racket too but everyone around had huge fun with them.

They stopped outside Le Rotonde, the cafe opposite the square where Tony Bram's Orchestra played and if the noise annoyed the servers there than that would be just fine with me.  The ridiculous arrogance has been uncommon as I've seen far more good manners from French people than I have otherwise.

People were having fun with the morning in all manner of ways.

Everyone wants to be a Le Tour racer. In case you can’t make it out, you poke your head through a hole in the figure for pictures. You too can be a racer.

No sooner had this group moved away than a young couple went over to do it too. They couldn't resist and seeing them having fun with it was all part of the morning of Le Tour.

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