Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Four     Crossing France

Rider Dodge the Storm

This evening I ran back up to Montelimar as Lotho has, once again, saved my neck and he's the reason family came to mean something to me when it didn't mean much previously.  He and his family came up to my house in Rhode Island and it really wasn't so long ago but it seems like an Age now.  Those were great days when we were all playing about in my swimming pool and none of us had any idea that one day I would be so dependent on his help.  Lotho knows what family means better than anyone I have ever known.

I got you some more pictures in Montelimar but I had to run for it as it's time to outrun a thunderstorm when you see lightning making ground strikes.  Very few thunderstorms can make seventy kph so I didn't get wet but it's blowing furiously out there now as if annoyed with my temerity in trying to escape.  I don't think this will be a problem for riding tomorrow as a summer storm blows itself out all the more quickly the more angrily it comes on.

The main boulevard is where I've found most of the cafes.  As to which ones have open-air seating, well, all of them. The cafes along the boulevard are all quite polished and there is no sign the reduced traffic has affected them.  It would have by now as A7 isn't a new road so I wouldn't expect it to change by the time you make your way through here.

Tomorrow I will ride out on N7 to make for Dijon and I will subsequently make for Reims and Calais after that.  Anonymous asked what I'm doing in heading for Edinburgh once I get to England and that became the objective when my cousin offered to put me up there for a while.  She has said I would be able to survive on what I get from Social Security and it would be difficult but life was difficult anyway.

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