Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Four     Crossing France

Le Chateau de Montrond

Le Tour won't arrive in Saint Amand-Montrond until about 15 o'clock so this meant it was time to do some exploring.  I saw the Forteresse de Montrond was nearby so I went off to get some pictures.  It has been there in some form since the Ninth Century but it wasn't until early in the Thirteenth Century that it was built up to near its final form.  It has been largely destroyed now but you can still see how impressive it must have been.

Wiki:  Chateau de Montrond

The area is now a park with walking trails and I'm not really sure if it was ok taking Haximoto up there but no-one stopped me.

No admittance!  Access Interdit au Public

As with concerts when we were young, a sign like this can only mean find another entrance.

A cross-section of the wall of the fortress shows it must be a least three or four meters thick.  No wonder they couldn't bring them down.  However, what time and gunpowder couldn't do the townspeople did themselves as they turned the fortress into a rock quarry and it came down that way. Even so, much remains and this doesn't look like a viable way to get inside either.

Very little of the wall remains but the magnificence of it is clear. How it must have looked with the trees cleared, flags flying, etc. Even riding up on your horse it would be intimidating.

My intention for this day is to show you what they don't show of Le Tour de France on television and this was part of it.

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