Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Four     Crossing France

Chasing Le Tour de France

Saint Amand-Montrond is west on D46 and then northwest on A71.  This will be an easy run and it's actually safer on the Autoroute than on the state highways as the former gives a lot more clearance between me and passing trucks.  If you can't handle riding with about a meter or so between you and a big-rig truck then the Bundestrasse is not for you.  I'm not trying to be a tough guy as I didn't really get this until yesterday when I was running with a whole lot of truck traffic between Macon and Moulins on N79.  You bet it's scary.

Finding a hotel around Saint Amand-Montrond is probably not a good bet but it's not supposed to rain again and I may find myself parked along the route somewhere.  It won't be much of a live roving report if it's not live but we shall see how it goes.  My plan is heading there today gives lots of time to search out a spot.  What I would like is to find WiFi to get some phone time with Cat as I've been sorely missing that so hopefully today. Tomorrow Le Tour will be approaching Saint Amand-Montrond from the east in Tours and you can see all the details at Tour de France 2013 (thanks to jsmn for the link).  I had seen it previously but didn't use it as well as I might have because I was looking for a graphic.

That was a wee bit mechanical so let's have some pictures.

Nope, sorry, I didn't get the name of the young man in the Boulangerie.  I guess I'm fired as your reporter but I will continue as your photographer.  He's a good guy and, like everyone else, he was surprised that I wanted to take his picture but he went right along with it even moving to a good place behind the counter.  You can see from his shirt that he's not just working the cash register, he's also a baker.

And I wandered some more.

I have a tough time believing the church was built in 1858 as it looks much older.  A student of architecture may be able to identify that better, I just like what I see.  You may not be able to tell it but there are residences built into the right side of it.

Keep a perspective on the spire as that will be important in the next picture. This is quite a curious structure.

Here’s the same church from a different angle and again it looks completely different. Check out the spire on the other end of the church. It really is the same one as above.

It's been quite charming here and it's more personal than most of the other places I've stayed.  For many places one need only put your card in the door and leave but from Le Globe it wouldn't be right without saying Au Revoir, particularly since they used room keys rather than electronic cards.  (Say Au Revoir like it's a kiss.  There is no 'r' on the end of it.  Oh rev-wah)

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