Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Three     Crossing Italy

It's Monday So I Must Be in Civitanova


One thing I see immediately is that hardly anyone speaks English. In Greece a good many people spoke a little English but in Italy hardly anyone does.

Another thing I see immediately is that one Euro power plug is not all Euro power plugs.  I knew already that Britain uses different wall plugs but I didn't know Italy does as well.  As with anything, there are adaptors but finding them will be a challenge.  The people at the desk were very helpful last night and loaned me one so that gets the laptop charged back up again but how that will work in the future remains to be seen.

It seems there is commercial development along the east coast of Italy that's much like Florida although it’s not at all the eyesore of the Florida coast.  It was built up all the way from Ancona to Civitanova and appears to continue that way on south.  I'm reviewing the map now to see my best route as I knew what I was going to do from Brindisi but I'm floundering a wee bit here.  It appears there is some difficulty avoiding the Autostrada and it's important to stay off it as it is quite fast and it seems almost all of it requires a toll.

Looking back to the ferry line, Minoan Grimaldi, I'm pleased to have made it but annoyed over the misinformation.  A little bit more accurate information on where there the ferry was going would have been kind of helpful. ‘A little bit North‘ turned out to be five hundred kilometers from where I was trying to go.  That WiFi was not available was also very disappointing but a complete surprise was the outrageous price of food on-board.  That behavior was very unlike Greece and, oh yes, I'm missing Greece already.

The map shows you where Brindisi lies and Bari is a bit north of there. I knew that before I left. The Minoan girl told me Ancona is a bit north of Bari so let's review. That markers at the top of the map are for Ancona and Civitanova. Find Bari and Brindisi on down the coast and you will see why I am annoyed. Now you know what 'a little bit North' means to Minoan (i.e. nothing like what it means to anyone else).

One thing I know for sure is that taking an ocean cruise would be worse than being sent to jail.  The one saving grace was that I didn't get seasick.  There was some pause for reflectiveness at the vastness of the sea ... but most of the time I was reading Heinlein's "Glory Road" and it remains the grand adventure of science fiction although written as badly as a paperback Western with enough nauseating mush to make it unacceptable even for a Barbara Cartland romance.  Even so, it's still worth the read, particularly if you're on an interminable sea voyage.

So, what now ...

Well, at the moment I'm really not sure but I have a few hours to review before rolling out of here.  One thing is definite, heading to Catania is senseless as it adds two thousand kilometers and that's much more than an acceptable risk.  The object is as originally and that’s to get to the U.K. I hate this as taking Cat to Mount Etna was the very first thing I had hoped to do and that plan broke down over a silly bit of misinformation.

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Nowhere Near Brindisi nor Bari

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